We offer a comprehensive examination to check the health of your eyes as well as your standard of vision.

Conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma are treatable and are often first detected during a routine eye examination.

We offer digital retinal photography which  allows us to examine the back of the eye in detail and will be saved for future comparison.


This is an image of a normal eye
This is an image of an eye with macular degeneration


Your eyesight is precious – let us help you look after it

To make an appointment for an eye examination, please contact us either by visiting the practice, or via telephone or email

Special Needs / Learning Disabilities / Dementia

We are sympathetic to the needs of both adults and children who may find the examination difficult, for whatever reason.
We are happy for them to visit the practice before an examination to familiarise themselves with the staff and environment.
We can allocate longer appointment times if required. An examination can be undertaken even with non verbal patients.
We can arrange the services of an interpreter for non English speakers including those using British Sign Language.